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The European Commission publishes guidance on GDPR

With 25th of May 2018 approaching (the date on which GDPR shall be applied in all of the EU), the European Commission has published guidance to facili...

New e-Privacy rules will come to regulate our data in online environment

The European Commission proposed new e-Privacy rules that will come to replace the e-Privacy Directive.

Europa marks the 5th anniversary of the European Cyber Security Month campaign

For the fifth year a Cyber Security Month campaign is held.

The European Commission improves EU cyber resilience

New proposed measures for more cyber resilient European Union.

The UK Government has committed to update and strengthen data protection laws

A new data protection bill is expected to be adopted in UK.

The most innovative countries for 2017

The world’s most-innovative countries, according to the Global Innovation Index 2017 .

Annual country reports on open internet 2017

The European Commission has published country reports on open internet.

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