Permission Machine is a platform, which automates the strenuous legal processes online related with copyright and the licensing of web content. Permission Machine helps online users to avoid copyright infringement by allowing them to get easy permission from the copyright holder to use specific content and to compensate him accordingly. On the other hand, the platform enables right holders to monitor the use of their copyright protected work online, to easily settle legal agreements online and thus promote their work, and to commence legal action against potential infringers online.

Currently, Permission Machine is compatible with copyright content such as visual files and articles. The mechanism of the platform consists of embedding a clickable button into the copyright protected content, which provides users with a ‘one-click’ opportunity to acquire a license from the right holder to use the work they are interested in. The user is provided with different types of license agreements to choose from, after which the user instantly receives a licensing document and a log of the purchase. On the other hand, the right holder is automatically provided with the payment transaction in a similar automatic digital manner.

Obviously, such products possess considerable profitability since they benefit both right holders and internet users by bringing legal certainty online and by creating an expeditious licensing process. What’s more, Permission Machine provides a simple way for the application of traditional copyright principles to the new complexities of the digital realm.