In general, human rights raise the level of a dignified life in society. This is also true for businesses, which profits from more legal clarity, legal certainty, functioning institutions based on the rule of law, and more developed societies in general. Hence, there is a business interest in supporting human rights and particularly liberal rights. They are crucial to enable more business and more prosperity.

For entrepreneurs, it is essential to be able to develop business plans without interference of government authorities and politics. Human Rights like the equality of all persons subject to the law guarantee equal chances for everybody and are a catalyst for a liberal and prosperous society.

Certain type of business activities, such as publishing and journalism essentially depend on human rights. Freedom of the press, of assembly, of expression are at the core of such business activities. Privacy should not be understood as an obstacle to the enjoyment of these rights, since it is often a precondition to develop ideas, to have confidential exchanges and develop personalities as well as projects.

In the online business environment, the European Union has set particular focus on the “Digital Single Market” which should boost economic activities in Europe across national borders. This new framework does not only depend on the four fundamental freedoms (free movement of goods, services, employees and undertakings, capital), but also on human rights as basic values and as enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

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